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“Virtual Teams: People Working Across Boundaries with Technology”, was described as one of the most important book written for the twenty-first-century corporation. Written by the two leading experts in networked organizations, the book enlighten you on how to effectively start, implement, and maintain virtual teams in your own organization. As one of the key example of virtual teams, SunREVS contributed to the book after it received the “Best of the Best Award” at Sun Microsystem Inc’s Annual SunTEAM celebration. Excerpt from the book:

Daniel Poon‘s cell phone rings at 5am in Hong Kong, waking him up. He’s ready to talk about SunREVS, the team he leads. “The reason we were chosen to talk to you is that we’re the most virtual Sun Team.” His team has people in Australasia, the US, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Latin America. Therein, lies the problem: Sun’s salespeople, who are very virtual (they operate in many time zones), need accurate, timely financial information…

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