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Information Graphics appeared to be a new trend since 2012. Rather than writing blogs, picture tells a thousand words. Most of the infographics out there are quite topical, writing about things closely related to our daily lives, but not so much on Business Intelligence. In fact, this is probably the first infographics that talks about Oracle Essbase.

Given the passion on the very tool that we use almost everyday, I got the idea to do an infographics on Essbase history and specifically the main releases and core features. Most of these information is getting lost on the internet because afterall, we’re talking about 23 years of history and the internet is barely this old. In addition, we must also remember that the technology survived two acquisitions from the original Arbor Software.

Anyway, if you have any input or comments on the infographic, feel free to leave us comments below. If you identify an error, please include links to verify your claim.