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Welcome to my official Hyperion Blog where this exists as a source of information on subjects related to Hyperion EPM products and Oracle BI technology. Its been twelve years since I first created this web site and we have changed the layout no less than seven times already. It has also been five years since I blogged about Oracle EPM or Hyperion products but due to evolving technology changes, there’s a real need for me to start this from the beginning. Yes this is like how the Matrix described it, where we can re-start our world once again i.e. to have only the right and relevant information kept here. This Hyperion blog is intended to serve as a public forum for discussion of subjects related to solving all Business Intelligence problems (via the use of a variety of Oracle technologies).

What is a Hyperion Blog?

There are no shortages of blogs about the topic of Hyperion. Based on years of research, most of the hyperion blogs are personal focus (based on their technical experience), some are business focus e.g. customer and client based information, and few are social focus.

On a different continuum, there’s also a wide range of Hyperion product being covered by these blogs e.g. Essbase, Planning, ODI, FDM, HFM etc. Not surprisingly, almost 65% of them primarily cover Hyperion Essbase (or related technologies), where this revolutionary technology is now 23 years old. Arbor Software, Hyperion and now Oracle have extended this great technology to create Hyperion Planning, EPMA or extend the product into FDM or OBIEE.

As with any blogging endeavor, one thing that’s very important in my mind, is to know your objective when creating a blog. I know most of the bloggers out there did it more or less like their personal journal. Some have decided to publish their great ideas and experiments. Others have the goal of helping beginners or people facing difficult situations with their applications. Those are all noble causes, but in order to keep things up, these reasons must also be a priority to them. I can tell you, throughout the last 10 years reading these blogs, probably only about 10% or less have survived the test of time. Of course, I understood how people’s priorities, job nature or other circumstances change over time. But how does this affect the overall hyperion blogosphere?

Hyperion Blog Trends

Well let’s take a look at Google Trend and type in the word ‘hyperion blog‘. You can see that over the last several years, the interest on hyperion blog has been on the down tick.

hyperion blog

hyperion blog

There are several possible reasons that could explain this:

  1. Is it that the interest of Hyperion or related products have been going down the tube?
  2. Is the quality of the blogs out there have not been interesting enough to read?
  3. Or are there other ways such as Oracle Support that people turn to for answers instead of going to the blogs?

To me, I think reason number 2 and 3 are quite probable. So think carefully whether starting another hyperion blog is going to make the world a better place, or it will simply be a great waste of time.

What I have learn is that, firstly, I need to define clear goals and know what I am working towards and have milestones and benchmarks to get to. Secondly, it is essential to have clear idea on the focus audience, on who would be consuming the content. And that’s why I am not about to post 10 articles a day for no reason or rant about a highly technical matter that only 7 people out of 7 billion people could find benefit. Some of the posts you will find will be very basic, but I will sure make it comprehensive, detailed enough for you to get to know about all the different perspectives of the topic I have in mind. On top, I want to be engaging, and so let me invite you to make comments or acknowledge the importance of the topics as you read. Hopefully, this blog will make your experience fruitful and rewarding.

With all that said, questions directed to the Hyperion blog will be responded to either in the blog or directly by email. Emails with questions about the current blog should be entered in the comments section below. Off-topic questions may be sent via the contact us link. Oh here comes the disclaimer too: all the views discussed in this website are my based on my sole personal views and nothing really represent the view of organizations, businesses or institutions that I am a part of. Get it?



Daniel Poon
Daniel is currently working as a lead business intelligence consultant. He has over 17 years of BI and IT experience. He currently focuses on Oracle / Hyperion tools, Custom Web/Mobile Applications, and Master Data Management processes. This includes vast experience with Data Warehousing, Data Integration Development, and Performance Tuning. The views and opinions on this blog are my own. They do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Oracle or Key Performance Ideas Inc.
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