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Welcome to my official Hyperion Blog where this exists as a source of information on subjects related to Hyperion EPM products and Oracle BI technology. Its been twelve years since I first created this web site and we have changed the layout no less than seven times already. It has also been five years since I blogged about Oracle EPM or Hyperion products but due to evolving technology changes, there’s a real need for me to start this from the beginning. Yes this is like how the Matrix described it, where we can re-start our world once again i.e. to have only the right and relevant information kept here. This Hyperion blog is intended to serve as a public forum for discussion of subjects related to solving all Business Intelligence problems (via the use of a variety of Oracle technologies).
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What is Essbase?

Essbase is a business intelligence technology with an eco-system of tools that is aimed at solving decision support needs of organizations. The name “Essbase”  derives from Extended Spreadsheet Database. As the name implies, Essbase was developed as a solution to solve important limitations of spreadsheets and the complexity of managing relationship databases:

  • Each spreadsheet is limited by the amount of data it can store. As the spreadsheet contains more data, aggregation and calculations starts to cause performance (calculation speed), and interpretation issues (human errors, size of data becomes overwhelming);
  • Each spreadsheet is limited by how the data could be shared. Typically the same dataset could only be operated by one person at any one time.
  • Building of relational databases requires tremendous technical knowledge and is usually out of reach for most non-technical financial analysts.

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